Hello everyone,

In this blog you may find information and activities related to Ekoskola.

Our students value our environment and thus want you to be aware of the activities being held.

Thank you.

Year 2 shapes

A maths lesson is more interactive when doing a hands-on activity. Shapes made of used carton and cereal boxes can be used to create new shapes.

Kinder craft

Our teachers put into practice our values and principles. As everyone knows, as we go along the amount of waste is increasing uncontrollably !! Therefore, it’s our duty to teach our students how to reduce waste. One easy step is to create craft made of used material. There is no need to buy expensive new material to create craft. Have a look around you and grab the items which you don’t use anymore and turn it into a work of art. That’s how creativity and originality blooms.  Below you may see some crafts done in Kinder classes ! Well done to those teachers who promote an eco-friendly lifestyle at such a young age which is the foundation for their learning.


Green flag celebration day

This is our third green flag.  🙂 Our Ecoschool committee organised a special assembly in which they showed a video. This video consisted of episodes and projects of these last six successful years. This was done  as a memoir of our third achievement. Besides that, Ecoschool students were given a small green flag in a form of a keychain.  Hard work paid off ! 🙂 this video will be uploaded on utube ! 

Green flag ceremony

Two Ecoschool members were invited for the award ceremony. Our school was awarded the third green flag which is a prestigious achievement. They had the opportunity to meet the President of Malta. Well done !   Ev